Scammers never sleep and when they have a phone, they seemingly don't stop calling and trying to dupe people into paying heavy sums of money.

The New Jersey Department of Corrections and Ocean County Prosecutors Office have each released specific warnings about phone scams now circulating in the Garden State.

Phone scammers are dialing Jersey residents and disguising whatever number they are actually calling from and making it look like it's coming from the DOC, but it's not.

The NJ DOC said they're aware of these fraudulent telephone calls in which the caller requests money.

"The New Jersey Department of Corrections DOES NOT place these types of phone calls in which money is requested. This is a scam," The NJ DOC said. "Technology is available that allows scammers to disguise their actual phone number and make it appear that the call is emanating from an entirely different phone number. If you receive one of these scam calls, do not follow the caller’s instructions."

If you have any questions or concerns about the scams, you're asked to contact the DOC at (609) 292-4036.

In Ocean County, Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer is warning Ocean County residents of fraudulent phone calls being made recently.

Billhimer said people are getting calls where after answering the phone, a voicemail states that “criminal activity has been detected from your computer and you must contact a phone number immediately to avoid a warrant being issued for your arrest.”

The call comes from a local telephone number but is the result of “spoofing technology,” which allows a person to show one number on the Caller ID while the call actually comes from another state or country, which is similar to the aforementioned DOC scam among others.

"Residents are reminded to NEVER give out personal information such as social security numbers over the phone and to call your local police department immediately to report suspicious phone calls," Billhimer said.

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office High Tech Crime unit is currently investigating the origin of these calls.

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