As I mentioned yesterday, an easy day trip for Ocean and Monmouth folks is to go to Manhattan.   The Radio City Christmas Show and Rockefeller Center tree are not far by car, bus, or train.

I’m a big fan of New Jersey Transit.  The bus out of Toms River is great as is the North Jersey Coast Line train or the train you might take out of the bigger stations like MetroPark or Hamilton.

Despite the crowds I encountered Saturday, including a standing room only situation from Penn Station to Secaucus on the way home, I found the NJ Transit staffers to be friendly and helpful.  They were patient with people looking for their tickets.  And even told those of us who were standing that seats had opened up in the other car if we wanted to sit down.

Did you know about NJ Transit’s mobile app?  It provides updated schedule information, and helps you plan your route.  You can even purchase your ticket with it, and just show your phone to the conductor when he/she comes around to collect fares.

Do you take advantage of NJ Transit’s service or do you usually drive into the city?

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