The summer is just about here which means we’re all going to be taking trains into the city, to see different concerts or even to catch a few baseball games or two. While you’re on your way to whatever event requires you to hop on an NJ Transit train, you should know a few things before you go.

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Of course, we’re a lot of the time pregaming events like this, but before you go you should know if you’re actually allowed to pregame on trains in New Jersey. It’s easy to think to yourself “Well, I’m not driving, I might as well have a drink or two before we get where we’re going!” It turns out, that it actually isn’t such a great idea.


Is it legal to drink alcohol on an NJ Transit Train?

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The answer is, no, it’s not. In fact, according to, no beverages of any kind, in any type of container are allowed aboard trains, busses or light rail vehicles in New Jersey.


New Jersey Transit posted this update in December of 2022 right as all of the SantaCon events in both New York City and Hoboken were happening to remind passengers no drinks are permitted on board at any time. This is kind of shocking to me personally. I totally understand not allowing alcohol aboard, but no drinks of any kind?

I’m only assuming this means sodas, coffees, and even water for that matter. The next time you find yourself boarding a train at the Hamilton Train station, make sure to chug your Dunkin iced coffee you got from inside because you won’t even be allowed on board with that! The rules weren’t always like this, but in previous years, NJ Transit has become a bit more strict about this rule.

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