Because I encountered so many of them while in Europe, I learned a new word: Polyglot.  It's a person who speaks many languages.  They are a wonderful addition to any business that deals with tourists.

It was very impressive standing in line for the Roman Forum and witnessing the ticket agent provide information and answer questions in German, then Spanish, then English.  Somewhere along the way she got proficient in these languages, and who knows how many others, in addition to her native Italian.

On several occasions I watched in awe as employees of hotels and museums switched back and forth between languages.

I took Latin and Spanish in high school, and like many people, forgot almost all of it.  So I'm particularly impressed with people who not only retained what they learned but have gone on to learn other languages as well!   Who in the WOBM audience is bilingual or multilingual?  What languages do you speak?  What  inspired you to learn?  Was it family?  Or for business reasons?


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