Don't ask what made me think up this topic, I'm not even sure that I know. Last night I got to thinking about words, the emotions that they convey, and how we use words to get even more emotion behind what we're trying to say. That got me thinking about profanity and how it's used sometimes.

There are definitely many times where profanity is inappropriate - in public, when you don't know who's around you, in front of clients at an office, etc. But I also think there are times where it's ok - in particular, when you're with people who you know and are comfortable with.

I just feel like there are times that throwing a profanity in reinforces the depth of the feeling that you're trying to express. You can tell someone, "my back really hurts", or you can say, "my back really [profanity] hurts". The second gets across a deeper depth of the feeling.

If I'm being honest, around friends and people I know well I tend to be colorful with my language. But I also think that I'm respectful around people I don't know and, of course, when I'm working (especially in my line of work, letting a profanity slip on the air could be the end of my career!).

So what do you think about profanity? Is there a place for it in our language, or is it always inappropriate? Vote below and let us know!


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