It's the day after Christmas and I've got a few things to share so today's blog will be some random thoughts.

1) It feels like a Monday.  Doesn't it seem like we're just back from a weekend?  With Christmas on a Tuesday, I'm all out of sorts.  What day is today?

2) Luminarias are my new favorite thing.  Driving around my sister's North Jersey town, we saw streets lined with those white bags holding votive candles.  Some homes had the luminarias leading up their pathways and steps.  Seeing so many all around town was a delight.  I learned that some communities actually organize a Luminaria Night.   It's something that apparently was started as a fundraiser for charity in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Do you know of any Jersey Shore towns that put out luminarias?

3) The best things in life are free.  One of my favorite parts of the holiday weekend (let's call it a long weekend, okay?) was being in the car with my family, driving around to look at Christmas lights.   We were "ooohing and aaahing" at the decorations and lights.  Nobody was distracted by devices.  We were present and together and enjoying the sights of the season.

4)  The other favorite part of the Christmas celebration was when I opened the gift my sister surprised me with.  She had a pillow made out of one of my favorite photos.  It's of my dog yawning.  The picture always cracks me up and now I have a big pillow with a closeup of Taylor's face on it.  Best. Gift, Ever.  The family captured my laughing reaction on video, and you can hear everyone else laughing in the background.  My happiness made them happy.  And that makes me even more happy.

I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend!

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