The Lakehurst Elementary School building, which is already closed due to a mold issue that surfaced in the summer, will remain shut down until January due to a new health concern.

Students started the school year at St. John's Church and in schools in neighboring Manchester as officials cleaned up the mold but now it remains closed for a couple more months so they could remediate asbestos in the building.

All of the carpets in the building need to be replaced after the asbestos was found under tiling in 27 classrooms in the elementary school.

"After much consideration and thought it was determined that the entire student population, including preschool, will return to the building after the December break. It is in the best interest of the students and staff that they are not present during the asbestos remediation. The current placements and procedures will remain in place until our return to the Lakehurst elementary school building in January. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation," Lakehurst school officials announced on their website.

Dan Alexander contributed to this report.

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