Ladies, if you usually blow dry your hair in the morning, what do you do on a day like today?  Personally, I lose my motivation to style my hair when it's a soggy day.   I grab a headband, slick my bangs back, and get on with the day (hoping, of course, that I don't run into Daniel-Day Lewis or George Clooney.)

What's your "go-to" look on a rainy day?  Do you pull everything back into a ponytail?  Do you twist it into a bun?  Do you rely on clips and bobby pins?

I looked for some ideas on sprucing up rainy day hair styles and saw some good suggestions here:

Please share in the Comments section what you like to do with your hair on a stormy day.  Or if you blow dry and style your hair like usual, how do you keep it from falling flat or frizzing up?



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