Lacey Township's new Lidl grocery store has been poking fun at their neighboring competitor ALDI for weeks now.

This week, with both celebrating grand openings on the same day, they were back at it.

Both Lidl and ALDI officially cut their respective ribbons this past Tuesday, September 10th.

You may remember that a few weeks ago, after ALDI announced their grand opening for 9/10, Lidl responded by moving their grand opening up two days to coincide with ALDI's.

Following the highly anticipated events, Lidl took to social media to call attention to the crowds at each event, throwing a little shade at ALDI in the process:

In the comments section of the Facebook post, Lidl says that it's, "...all in good fun".

Both grand openings did indeed draw good crowds at their locations only a few miles apart on Route 9, but with the ribbon cuttings now behind us it doesn't look like the friendly antagonism is going to go away any time soon, with the Great Lacey Township Grocery Store War of 2019 still going strong.

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