With so many folks heading out of town today, I thought I'd write about road trips. If you'll be travelling with kids, time in the car can be a great opportunity to talk and reconnect.  It can also be time to have fun!  Do you ever play car games with your children? My sister's family got a lot of mileage out of the License Plate Game, keeping track of different states' plates.  What activity do you do with your family to while away the hours?

Counting Game:   Find 20 left-pointing arrows or 25 red cars, for example.

Alphabet Game:  Each person says a sentence that starts with the next letter of the alphabet.

20 Questions: About a famous person, place, or thing.

What are some things you do on a family road trip, to help pass the time and prevent a constant chorus of "Are We There Yet?"

And what do you pack for your road trips?  Any favorite snacks or "must-have" items before you venture out?

I hope you have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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