The holidays are exciting - there are gifts to wrap, rooms to decorate, and cookies to bake. There is so much more going on that doesn't happen throughout the rest of the year. With all of the excitement, it's important to keep our pets safe.

The Ocean County Health Department shared some tips to keep your pets safe this holiday season. If you're hosting the holidays at your home, keep "people food" and treats with toxic ingredients in them away from your pet. Make sure your guests do the same. If you're traveling with a pet, make sure you pack for them and keep them safely restrained when you're on the move.

Decorations are fun and pretty, but they can be dangerous for animals. The OCHD suggests securing all Christmas trees, avoiding the use of tinsel, and keeping holiday plants away from pets.

And finally, a house full of guests can get overwhelming for your furry friends, so make sure they have a quiet place where they can escape the excitement for a little.

Happy Holidays!

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