A Keansburg man who was thrown out of a bar not once, but twice in one night is facing a string of charges.

Police were called in around 11:00 pm on February 17 for a man acting disorderly and refusing to leave the bar.

When Officers got there two employees explained that the man was acting disorderly while inside and was asked to leave several times.

During that time Raymond Farparan allegedly got into one of the employees faces and knocked a cell phone out of his hand when he tried to call the police.

Farparan was then removed from the bar and held by two men until police arrived.

The employees did not wish to pursue complaints and so Farparan was advised to leave the area and not to return to the bar or he would be arrested.

Farparan left without incident.

However, two hours later at about 1:14 am, patrol cars were dispatched back to the area because Farparan had returned.

Farparan was seen on the Henry Hudson Trail running back toward the bar.

A Keansburg Patrolman found Farparan in the parking lot holding onto an open bottle of beer.

Farparan was then under arrest.

While the officer was trying to place Farparan into the patrol vehicle he became combative.

Farparan is then accused of kicking the two officers violently, one in the chest and left wrist and the other on the left side of his face.

Officers then used pepper spray to the face and eye area of Farparan who was then secured inside of the patrol vehicle and transported to headquarters.

Farparan was processed and charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a Police Officer, disorderly conduct, defiant trespassing, resisting arrest with physical force, and terroristic threats.

He was also charged with having an open container of an alcoholic beverage on a borough summons and transported to Monmouth County Jail pending a court appearance.

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