We're in the middle of a crazy warm November that has everyone wondering: where is fall? So I wanted to take everyone on a little trip down memory lane to remind you that it CAN snow this time of the year.

It is hard to believe it, but three years ago tonight we were facing a pretty large nor'easter that brought up to a foot of snow to Ocean County. So if you're out and about tonight that could really put things in perspective, right? Of course, this nor'easter came just days after Superstorm Sandy reeked havoc on our communities at the Jersey Shore. Do you remember the storm?

I have very vivid memories of this storm. The snow started to fall pretty heavily in the middle of the afternoon. WOBM.com reported that day that the wet snow caused afternoon backups on the parkway in Ocean County during the evening rush. Of course, even worse: the heavy winds and snow brought down freshly strung power lines. More than 60,000 homes lost power during the nor'easter, according to our report from 2012.

This was pretty frustrating for service workers and those affected by Sandy. We were all trying to get back to normal. The National Weather Service reports from that storm say that Jackson and Manchester had 12" of snow that night. Beachwood reported 8.5" of snow that evening.

I also know that I was one of the VERY lucky ones after Sandy. I didn't lose my home. So I am not saying "poor me" at all. It is, however, interesting to remember this event now that temperatures in are the middle 60's today.

I was working overnights from home for our corporate offices at the time, and the power began to flicker around 7 pm that evening. The lights were completely out by 7 pm, and I was scheduled to work until around 4 am on a project that would be sent out to morning shows across the country. So I braved the elements, and headed out to my car. The car, of course, was a rental car because mine was destroyed by flood waters during Sandy.

It was an interesting evening. I used my cellular phone's hotspot, and a power invertor in my small Fiat rental car that night. By the night's end, Ocean County saw a pretty decent snowstorm (especially for early November). In fact, I actually had to get a shovel just to get out of my car because it was so low to the ground (and the snow was pretty high) by 4 am when I went into my house.

Here's my Instagram post from that night. What are your memories from the storm?

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