This fall has been absolutely crazy for me. As a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs, I had no idea that this fall would be as emotional of a ride as it was. I did, however, recognize that it was going to be a fall I would want to cherish. These kinds of things don't happen very often. So I flew to Chicago last weekend. I couldn't quite bring myself to spend more than $2,000 on a ticket to the see World Series in Wrigley, so I watched the games from Chicago bars.

I watched the Cubs play a must-win game 5 of the World Series on Sunday night from Harry Caray's Bar in downtown Chicago. The team was down three games to one, and a single loss would hand the title to the Cleveland Indians. The tension in the bar could be felt by every patron in the bar that night.

The trip to the bar was also notable because a film crew was present. They were cryptic about what they were working on, but they made patrons sign waivers. The waived called the project "The Last Out."

After the Cubs (finally) won the World Series on Wednesday, a 2 minute Budweiser commercial started making the rounds online. Harry Caray, of course, was a longtime famous broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs. He was beloved throughout the city, and he was known across the country for his eccentric personality. Just ask Will Ferrell. Ferrell is famous for his impersonations of Caray's unique style. Caray passed away in 1998.

So while Harry was never able to make the call that the Cubs had finally won the World Series, through the power of the extensive archives we were able to imagine what it would be like if Harry Caray was alive in 2016. The video uses real clips from Harry's past calls on TV so it is pretty authentic.

I am so excited that my blue hat (and my Cubs playoff beard) can be seen in this commercial if you SQUINT super closely at the screen. In the meantime, I know why the producers wouldn't tell us what they were filming. If they did we would have screamed they were jinxing the team. This video has definitely made Cub fans across the country (myself included) cry a LOT this week.

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