Do you collect anything? Believe it or not, I collect pelicans. I have pelican paintings, sculptures, stickers, I even have pelican drink coasters. It's not an overbearing collection, but I plan on continuing the collection for my entire life. However, I promise to never be seen on an episode of Hoarders on the A&E Network. I will make sure that never happens.

Why do I collect pelicans? It's not the craziest story. I lived in North Carolina, far away from my New Jersey family and friends. I worked a ton down there and only had a small circle of people I trusted. So, one day I was alone surfing off the North Carolina coast, far out in the ocean, and a pelican was floating a few feet from me. I felt like we were looking out for on another, we pretty much became friends in a way. I was catching waves, paddling back out, and the pelican was still there wanting to hang out. Ever since then, pelicans have been my spirit animal. Check out my collection below.

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I talked about my collection on the 94.3 The Point Jersey Shore Morning Show with Lou & Shannon. Listen below:

According to Sonoma Birding, the spirit of the pelican is commonly associated with the virtues of humility, sacrifice, generosity, and unity. They're loyal, trustworthy, and dependable.

My collection is random, and I think that's what collections are supposed to be. Many of the pelicans you will see below are gifts and little things I have randomly found over the years. I feel like this collection is just getting started too! See below and let me know what you think...

Jimmy G's Ridiculous Pelican Collection:

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