So it is finally here, the movie so many have anticipated DC Comics "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" from Warner Brothers. For many of us growing up the Justice League was a Saturday morning staple ... along with frosted flakes and our bicycles ... it's what we needed for a great weekend.


It seems as if there are three sides to this battle. Will Batman win? Will Superman win? and when do they become friends to take on the world?  I think everyone's in agreement that they will get over their differences, but it will be nice to watch the battle. Basically Superman is pure strength and Batman is pure genius. So what wins out in the end? Superman is here to rescue the weak, while Batman is here to defeat evil. Interesting how they will view each other.


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My theory is that each will get a chance to showcase their strengths and make their fans happy .... You will hear Superman fans in theaters cheer when he is up and the Batman fans cheer when the Dark Knight rises! It should be a great night at the movies and we'll let a few unanswered questions get by. It will also be interesting to see how other members of the Justice League are introduced like Wonder Woman and the rumors of Aquaman submerging! Eventually leading to the emergence of the League .. along with the Flash, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern. The Movie opens at theaters around the Jersey Shore on Friday (March 25th) If your a fan of superheroes... this will be one fun movie! By the way I'm a "Batman" fan ... So I hope Bruce lands a few good shots lol


So who would you put your money on in a ten round bout ? Man of Steel or Dark Knight ?



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