Next time your phone rings, it might once again be someone on the line threatening to cut off your electricity because of a back bill that you don't actually own. Only this time, the scammer has specific details that might lead you to think it's authentic.


Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato's office issued details today, acknowledging a flurry of reports. Jersey Central Power and Light added it to their online list of known scams, which also includes best practices to protect yourself from predators.

The upgraded scam runs along familiar lines - you're way overdue with your payments to JCP&L, and your electricity will be cut off if you don't rectify it immediately. Then, things become more interesting.

If you're buying the scam so far, you're told to call 1-866-996-9725, extension 3500, and to ask for Lucas.You're given a file number, 9073, to use in buying $500 worth of  prepaid Green Dot or Rite Cards, or similar gift card, which the utility company wouldn't accept as payment Your predator won't accept credit cards this time.

The new activity crops up only a matter of weeks since Public Service Energy Group, serving North Jersey, issued a similar warning. By the time you read this, the instructions, phone numbers, and contact individual will likely change, but the scenario will barely budge.

Spokesman Al Dell Fave added, direct quote - "REALLY??? Please TELL THEM TO GET A JOB AND JUST HANG UP!!!"

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