Winter begins in only about a week and a half, but according to one website which crunched some numbers, statistically, we should watch out for January 11th, 2018.

Ok, stick with me on this one as I dig into why says that the second Thursday of the new year will be the worst.

The website took 30 years of data and threw it all together to come up with a few interesting points.

  • Statistically, they say that the darkest day of the season will be December 23rd, with the Sun providing only 1.8kWh of solar energy.
  • Within that 30 year period, they've also drilled down January 30th to be the coldest day of the season.

So what's right in between those dates? You got it, January 11th, 2018 which, according to Sleepopolis, will be "The most miserable day of the year".

Confused yet? Me too. You can take a look for yourself at their handy interactive map:

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