It's that time of year when as hard as you try your diet goes out the window. There's  candy everywhere you go...tons of it in every store you go into.

It's so hard to resist, isn't it?

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You're probably going to be buying bags of it for trick-or-treaters soon, right? Choose carefully. You don't want to be that house that gives out the candy that nobody really wants. has put together a list of the top three candies in each state in the U.S. It's based on candy sales over the past 16 years, in the months leading up to Halloween, so it seems like it would be pretty accurate, right?


Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are #1 in Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Wyoming.

What??? They're not #1 in New Jersey? I'm shocked. That's my favorite candy of all time.

I think you're going to be really surprised what the top candy choices in New Jersey are for 2023.


Tootsie Pops are #1

M&Ms are #2

Skittles are #3.

Tootsie Pops????  Is this really true?  When I dumped my bag of loot after trick-or-treating as a kid, my friends and I threw them out.

I am a fan of M&Ms...they're classics.


I don't like Skittles. There, I said it. Yuck. I know my opinion is an unpopular one when it comes to this candy. I know they're crazy popular, so I'm not surprised they're near the top.

By the way, Hershey Mini Bars are #1 in Pennsylvania. No shock there. The Hershey factories are in Pennsylvania. Have you ever been to Chocolate World in Hershey, PA? It smells heavenly. I want to buy all the chocolate.

Second and third in PA is the same as New Jersey...M&Ms and Skittles.

To check out all the states and get more candy info, click here.

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