Shoutout to my home state of New Jersey. Two cities in the Garden State just made a new list of the best places in America for Halloween for 2023.

It feels like Halloween has gotten so much more popular in recent years. When I was a kid we went out trick-or-treating, carved pumpkins, went to the town costume contest and that was about it.

Now, Halloween is at a new level. There are tons of Trunk-or-Treats. Many homes go above and beyond with their Halloween decor with added sounds, animatronics, light shows, huge props and more.

Halloween is now the 3rd most popular holiday in the United States. Can you guess what the first two are? Christmas is #1 and Thanksgiving is #2.

Did you know 73% of American households will celebrate Halloween? Those households will spend about $108.24 on Halloween related things like costumes, decorations, and candy.

If you're a big Halloween fan, and live in New Jersey, there are two cities that are getting high marks when it comes to the spooky holiday.

Wallethub ranked the 100 biggest cities in the country based on 20 different things like Halloween fun, Halloween weather and Trick-or-Treat Friendliness.

Overall, the two NJ cities that you may want to head to for Halloween are Jersey City and Newark.

Out of the 100 American cities, Jersey City ranked #5 and Newark wasn't too far behind at #17. Impressive.

Newark ranked higher in the Trick-or-Treat Friendliness category, coming in at #7. Jersey City is #2.

To see the entire ranking, click here.

Happy Halloween to all those celebrating.

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