Phillies fans are determined not to let this 27 year old tradition die.

Earlier this week, the Philadelphia Phillies announced a major switch-up for 2024: The end of the famous Dollar Dog Nights, where fans could grab a delicious hot dog for just $1.

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Instead, Dollar Dog Night will be replaced with a Buy One, Get One deal: Buy one hot dog at regular price, and get another one for free.

Fans kept throwing hot dogs

Why did they scrap Dollar Dog night? Unruly fans. If you've ever been to a Dollar Dog night, you know that things quickly become hectic. When the cheap hot dogs come out, people start throwing the hot dogs around like a huge food fight!

Last year's Dollar Dog night was particularly rowdy:

The Phillies say this is not the sort of experience paying customers have to endure

Fans are protesting Dollar Dog Night cancellation

The controversial decision was promptly met with thunderous outcry by thousands of Phillies fans. Some of them even taking to the street and holding up signs saying "Justice for Dollar Dog Night"!

The petition started by a fellow Phillies fan writes in the mission statement:

"This event, where hot dogs were sold for just a dollar, was not only an affordable treat but also a symbol of our community spirit... Reinstating Dollar Dog Nights would not only bring joy back to many fans but could potentially boost attendance at games as well. It's time for us to bring back this cherished tradition that means so much to so many people in our community."

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The petition is live on Thousands have already signed it. And you've gotta see of the comments the petition is getting!

"Give me dollar dog night, or give me death."
"This is America and gosh darn it we all deserve $1 hot dogs. Change starts somewhere."
"Anything other than Dollar Dog Night is unAmerican."
"We be broke man."
Do you want Dollar Dog Night to come back? We'll see if this petition actually makes a difference!

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