Your child says goodbye to you in the morning, they hop on a school bus, and you assume they'll be OK.

You think it'll be just another average day of learning and socializing with friends.

The reality is, however, that while New Jersey's schools typically rank as some of the best in the nation, they don't all offer an encouraging learning environment.

For many learning their ABCs, instead of worrying about passing the next quiz, going to school is an awful and sometimes violent experience.

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Sharp Increase in NJ School Violence

Violence — defined as fights, assaults, threats, and robberies — in New Jersey schools is a growing concern.

Data from the New Jersey Department of Education shows a sharp rise in violence, with recorded incidents surpassing 13,000 in the 2021-2022 school year.

Police were reportedly called nearly 2,700 times during that school year and students were caught with weapons almost 1,400 times.

Worst New Jersey Schools For Violence

30 schools in New Jersey where your child is likely to be the victim of violence - Photo: Canva
30 schools in New Jersey where your child is likely to be the victim of violence - Photo: Canva

A recent deep-dive into data by Townsquare Media determined the 30 schools in New Jersey with the most reported cases of violence.

As you browse the list, you'll notice two charter schools are in the top five and an alarming number of middle schools are in the top ten.

Top 30 schools most violent schools in New Jersey

These are the schools in New Jersey with the highest rates of violence. The rankings are based on the annual School Performance Reports for the 2021-22 school year. New Jersey 101.5 ranked the schools based on the rate of reported violent incidents per 100 students. Schools with enrolment less than 100 are excluded.

Gallery Credit: New Jersey 101.5

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