Is your four-legged friend on trend for 2023? Find out if your New Jersey cat or dog has one of the most popular names of the year.

Pet names are sort of like baby names. If something is trending, chances on it's going to make its way to your cat or dog.

The most popular dog and names in the U.S. have been revealed thanks to a new survey by the website

This year's top dog and cat monikers have been influenced in large part by the popularity of pop culture phenomena like Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour, the Barbie movie, and Netflix’s Wednesday series

Swiftie debuts the first time as a trending dog name. Trendy cat names inspired by Swift songs, include Este and Karma.

The name Kelce for a dog, male or female, is the #1 trendiest dog name in America for 2023, according to, up over 153 percent from 2022. The trend is on the upswing no doubt thanks to the heightened awareness of Travis Kelce since dating Taylor Swift and the success of his 'New Heights Show' podcast with brother Jason.

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My friend Nicole's dog is a prime example. She adopted 'Kelce' this year.

Courtesy Nicole Destralo
Courtesy Nicole Destralo

Wednesday is the second trendiest dog name in 2023.

The name Barbie is up 23 percent for cats, while Barb is up over 90 percent. The name Ken also trended up for dogs by more than 70 percent.

Warner Bros. via iMDb
Warner Bros. via iMDb

The 90s and 2K era showed up strong in 2023, too, with some naming their pets after Alanis Morissette and the Furby toy.

I have to admit, Furby is a cute name for a dog.

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The #1 Most Popular Dog Name in America for 2023 is Charlie.

The #1 Most Popular Cat Name in America for 2023 is Luna.

Here in New Jersey, it's Bella.

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