Who wants to be a BILLIONAIRE? That's not a question one lottery player in New Jersey no longer has to ask, because they ARE thanks to a ticket they purchased from a ShopRite grocery store.


$1B Winning Lottery Ticket Sold in Neptune, NJ

I thought, no way, this must be a mistake. A BILLION dollar winning lottery ticket was sold in New Jersey? I thought it was for one million dollars, but it IS actually a BILLION dollars! $1.1B to be exact.

One Mega Millions ticket reportedly sold in Neptune, New Jersey along the Jersey Shore matched all five numbers and the bonus from the Tuesday, March 26th drawing.



When I think about winning a million dollars I consider that to be life-changing money. My brain can't even comprehend what it would feel like to win a billion dollars.

The Tuesday, March 26th winning Mega Millions numbers drawn were: 07, 11, 22, 29, 38 and bonus number 04. The Megaplyer was 2 for an estimated payout of $1.13 billion.

ShopRite Along Jersey Shore Sells $1 Billion Winning Mega Millions Ticket

ShopRite Neptune NJ
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The billion dollar ticket was purchased at ShopRite on Route 66 in Neptune Township, NJ, according to New Jersey Lottery.


The lottery is reportedly waiting on the winner to step forward and claim their prize. But they're probably busy packing suitcases and shopping for mansions on Zillow, oh, and quitting their job!

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