The City of Philadelphia is not at its best lately, and this disturbing video of a motorcyclist kicking in the windshield of a car with a small child inside is more evidence.

The incident took place earlier this week in Center City. Video shows an area that looks like one of the streets approaching City Hall.

In the clip, a group of motorcycle riders, dirt bikers, and ATV's surround a small red sedan. Then, one of the bikers jumps on the back of the vehicle and, using both feet, smashes in the back windshield.

What's worse is as the biker jumps off the trunk of the car, what appears to be a firearm falls out of his waistband.

The stunned driver gets out to confront the biker who them brandished the gun, sticking it right in the victim's face.

Pushing ensues and the woman eventually pushing the rider and his bike over as he tries to, and eventually does, just ride away.

Later in the video, the woman can be seen pulling a toddler from the back seat of the red sedan. That windshield was kicked in while that child was in the back of the car. See it all unfold for yourself below.

The clip appears to have been filmed from inside a Septa Bus. What's scary to me is that NO ONE tried to stop this guy or help this woman.

As George Coloney, who posted the video on his Instagram, points out, she did not deserve that. NO ONE DOES.

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According to FOX 20 Philadelphia, police have reportedly identified the white male suspect involved in the attack and are working to mount an arrest.

We deserve to feel safe in Philadelphia. When will it stop?

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