Want affordable waterfront property at the Jersey Shore? Look no further than Atlantic City.

If you're beginning to think waterfront life is for you, as a permanent home or a vacation escape, start exploring A.C.


Rocket.com, the company 'simplifying the home buying and selling experience', highlighted research done by BestPlaces.net that used three main metrics to determine where to find the most affordable waterfront property in the United States:

  • Percent of waterfront properties
  • Median home price
  • Flood and hurricane risk

The list of most affordable waterfront properties was divided into four regions: Midwest, Northeast, South, and West.

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Here in the Northeast, Atlantic City ranked the 2nd best, most affordable town to buy waterfront property, bested only by Watertown, New York.

Waterfront properties account for 2 percent of Atlantic City housing options, with an average median home cost of $301,600, according to BestPlaces.net.

Thinking of checking out your options? Start by taking a virtual tour through a waterfront home in Atlantic City that has its very own lighthouse! See below!

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