There is a beautiful home for rent in Linwood. At $5000 a month, It's not cheap, but it has plenty to offer anyone who has the money. There's only one issue...

Beautiful Linwood Home is for Rent

The 5000 square-foot home is in one of Linwood's toniest neighborhoods, and the information in the rental ad on Zillow sounds fantastic.

"Spectacular 4 bedroom 6 bathroom (2 half baths), 3 car garage, in ground pool, and has a great outdoor space for relaxing, entertaining and gardening. It is recently modernized and remodeled including a new kitchen with marble island/desk and stainless steel appliances."

It really is quite a nice house. There's just one thing.

The Kauffman House is for Rent

The home at 2 Woodstock Drive in Linwood is the former home of Dr. Jim and April Kauffman. If you are new to the area and you really don't keep up with the news, here's the catch.

April Kauffman was shot to death in the house in 2012, and, five years later, her husband was charged with hiring a motorcycle gang leader he was running an illegal drug ring with to kill her.

James Kauffman killed himself in jail before he could be brought to trial, but the motorcycle gang leader is doing life in prison for her murder and other charges.

The case was one of the most publicized ever in South Jersey and frequently made the national news.

What Happened to the House?

James Kauffman had unsuccessfully tried to sell the home since just after his wife's death in 2012.

To make a complicated legal story more simple , Kauffman lost the home to the bank during a 2017 foreclosure and the property has been on and off the market ever since.

The present owner has been renting the home, and a few weeks ago, 2 Woodstock Drive in Linwood again became available for rent.

Would You Rent This Infamous Linwood House?

It's a great house that has fireplaces, a pool, lots of bedrooms, and a beautiful kitchen, They will even allows pets.

Knowing the history of the property, would you rent the house? I already know my answer, but maybe you would like to see the Zillow photos of the home before you decide.

Would You Rent This Infamous Linwood House?

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