In 1996, a federal law was passed that required states to notify the public when a convicted sex offender was moving into their neighborhood.

The Origin of Megan's Law

The law was named after a New Jersey girl named Megan Kanka who was brutally raped and killed in a crime that horrified our country.  Megan's Law, as it's known became the law of the land.

Here in New Jersey, offenders are required to register if they are determined to be at a high risk of repeating their offense- known as tier 3 or medium risk, which is tier 2.  Those who are considered to be at a low risk of repeating their crime, are not required to register.

Check for Sex Offenders in Your Area

Sadly, no matter where you live, you're bound to find offenders nearby.  To check your area, click on this link, and enter your information.  Once you enter your information, an interactive map will pop up with numbered bubbles.


Click on each of those bubbles to get information about the offenders in your neighborhood.

NJ Has Lost Track of These Sex Offenders

Another important list you need to check is the list of non-compliant offenders.  These offenders are required to register with the state, but either hasn't or the state has lost track of them.

According to statistics on the New Jersey State Police website, 

  • 45% of all sexual assault victims are under the age of 12.
  • 75% of victims know their victims
  • 80% of all addresses have an offender within 1 mile

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