So much of your day is spent scrolling through social media.

Americans may soon have to say goodbye to TikTok.

The House of Representatives passed a bill that could ban TikTok in all of the USA.

Do you remember what you did all day before you spent hours and hours scrolling through social media? Well, you might want to jog your memory because you could soon have one less app to waste your time on.

Multiple sources have reported that the US House Of Representatives voted to approve a specific bill that essentially bullies the owners of TikTok into either selling the app or risking a country-wide ban in America.

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That means no more scrolling through TikTok to see who's making fun of NJ now and for what.

Since it's passed through the House already, it'll now head for the Senate for them to decide. What's scary, though, is some people are afraid it'll lead to an infringement of speech in the US. That's not the only reason people are terrified of TikTok being deleted as a social media platform here in America.

So many people have made entire careers out of becoming content creators for the app. They feed their families and pay their bills based on the videos they post. If the ban actually comes to fruition, all that hard work goes to waste.

A good few have also pointed out that banning the app during an election year might not be the best way to go. Still, only time will tell what will happen with TikTok now. Currently, it's in the Senate's hands.

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