If you're currently looking to purchase a home, chances are that both you and your realtor are pulling their hair out. These prices are no joke right now. Most people are selling their homes for thirty-thousand dollars over the asking price, if not more. That means that there are a ton of first-time homebuyers who are quick to find out that their experience will differ drastically from their friends' homebuying experience back in 2020.

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Still, you have to live somewhere, right? So, people are still buying.

If you are one of them and you're currently searching for your dream home, do you have a particular style in mind? Believe it or not, a new survey has determined what kind of house you're likely to buy if you're settling down here in the Garden State.

According to a new survey by HomeAdvisor, most Jersey residents are attracted to the Colonial style as opposed to everything else. Now, that doesn't mean that's what EVERYONE in the Garden State is searching for. That just means there's a good chance that a Colonial-style home will catch a buyer's eye before anything else will. Still, it depends on personal style, the state of the home, etc.

So, did we get it right? Are you looking for a Colonial? If not, check out the list of most popular houses state-by-state to see which state is most popular for your preferred style of dream home.

Source: HomeAdvisor.com

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