First, this isn't a young girl writing this - I'm an OG - old guy!

I think that we Americans would do a great service by electing Taylor Swift as Prestident of the United States.

No, I'm not crazy. At least I don't think so.

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Why we should elect Taylor Swift as our President

13 reasons, let's go:

1. I choose 13 reasons because Tayor's lucky number is 13. Isn't it about time we had a President with a lucky number?

2. Taylor Swift will appeal to a group of Americans that up until today had no interest in politics.

Can you imagine? Right now, whenever Taylor's boyfriend's NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs is on national TV, EVERYBODY watches, just to get a glimpse of Taylor Swift!

Once she's President, EVERYBODY will be tuning in to watch EVERY Presidential press conference, address, briefing, etc. When was the last time your 12-year-old daughter said, "Can we change the station? The President's going to be on!"

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3. Girls of this country will have a spectacular role model!

As a girl-dad, I already think Taylor Swift is a pretty good role model. As President? The best!

4. She's young! Taylor Swift will turn 35 in December, just old enough to legally be President.

The other two main candidates right now are 77 and 81 years old. Man, that's old! We're talking about the fact that Taylor is more than 40 years younger than these guys!

Right now, she can sing, dance, and jump around a stage for 3 or 4 hours. Wouldn't you like to see that kind of energy in the White House?

5. Taylor Swift could perform at her inauguration! Face it - who would you like to see perform on National TV: it's Taylor Swift. As President, she'll already be there!

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More reasons Taylor Swift should be elected President of the United States

6. Taylor Swift is a pretty smart cookie. She has to be. Singer, songwriter, businesswoman - she's not afraid of hard work, and finding solutions.

7. She knows New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We'll have someone in the White House who cares about her hometown and second home! She's from Reading, Pennsylvania, and she spent summers in Stone Harbor and Avalon, New Jersey. Isn't time we had a local voice in Washington?

8. She knows the world! She's had world tours - duh! While other Presidential candidates might talk a good world game, Taylor's been on the ground in all these places. She's been there with the people!

9. She could help take a big chunk out of the National Debt. Our country is something like 34 trillion dollars in the whole. Selling "Taylor Swift is My President" t-shirts in three weeks might just erase that debt.

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This Taylor Swift as President is starting to sound pretty good, right?

10. She can use her celebrity connections for good. Right now, if Taylor Swift calls, people answer. As President, that will be exponentially true. Need to get a celebrity to do something for the country? Let Taylor make the call.

11. USO concerts would be off the hook. As the President, Taylor Swift could also cheer up the troops. She shows up, gives a (short) speech, and sings a few songs. Troop morale skyrockets!

12. She will be a pretty President. Sounds sexist... but if Nixon was better looking than Kennedy, our history would be different!

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