Mexican food continues a meteoric rise in popularity nationwide. New Jersey has some amazing Mexican restaurants, and a major publication has announced its choice for the best in the state.

New Jersey has no shortage of restaurants. Each intersection in the state seems to have a Chinese Restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a pizzeria, and a Mexican restaurant. Lucky us.

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When a major publication names one restaurant as the best Mexican restaurant in the state, we want to be sure this place gets on our food bucket list.

Which New Jersey Mexican Restaurant Is The Best?

The publication 24/7 Tempo recently named the best Mexican restaurant in each state, and they focused on a great one in Camden called Taco Loco. Have you ever been there?

This amazing place has been around for almost 35 years, and happy customers swear by it. You can't be in the restaurant business that long and not deliver an amazing product.

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The specialty at Taco Loco is the ponchiburro. It is a delicious open-faced burrito. And that is just one amazing dish on an extensive menu featuring something awesome for everyone.

We love to eat, we love to go to great restaurants, and we love all types of food. New Jersey is the perfect culinary storm.

If you want to try this place, you can visit them at 2311 Federal St. in Camden, and those who have been there say it's well worth the trip.

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