Correction: The article incorrectly stated the room capacity as 21. It is actually 120.

If you ever wanted to participate in a group wedding ceremony and live in Monmouth County, it's your lucky day.

And, no, this isn't a joke or an American off-shoot of a Unification Church wedding service. The Monmouth County Clerk's Office announced on X Wednesday afternoon that it was seeking applications for a group wedding service.

The service will take place on June 26 at Hominy Hill and couples who receive a slot can invite up to four guests. The nuptials will be live streamed so that friends and family can witness the ceremony.

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The room at the venue fits 120 during a single group ceremony.

The announcement of the group wedding service had some on social media scratching their heads. NJ Monitor Editor Terrence McDonald offered a perplexed "what," while reporter and one of the New Jersey press corps' most adept snark-slingers S.P. Sullivan wondered if this was a polycule.

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Some on social media joked that this might be the only way to have an affordable wedding in Monmouth County:

Still others (who are not me), saw the opportunity for the layup Moonies reference:

The group wedding is for the service only and a reception will not be provided. (But, seriously, for a free Colts Neck wedding what else do you expect?)

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