We live in New Jersey, we LOVE our pizza.

Also, living in New Jersey we value our time.

Working long hours and having a long commute with lots of traffic is the norm for many people in New Jersey.

Both take up much of our time during the day.

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We want convenience, something quick and simple when it's time to eat.

That's why fast-food restaurants have always been super popular.

A drive-through makes everything so much easier.

Never having to get out of your car saves you time...and time is EVERYTHING!

Getting your food quickly is something people want.

But we love pizza here in New Jersey.

What if you don't want fast-food, but like the idea and convenience of a drive-through?

How does pulling up, ordering a slice of pizza, and being on your way sound?

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Well, there's a restaurant in South Jersey where you can do just that and it's the only pizza drive-through restaurant in the area.

What a terrific concept!

A friend recently told me about this restaurant and I think it's such a great thing!

Joe's Pizzeria & Bistro in Marlton Offers the "Only Pizza Drive-Through Around"

The drive-through was already there when they opened so they decided to keep it.

It offers such convenience. Just swing by, order 2 slices, and be on your way.

People mainly use it when picking up food, but you can order slices at the drive-through.

You call ahead, order, and pull right up without ever having to get out of your car.

Joe's Pizzeria & Bistro is located in the Shoppes at Elmwood at 789 East Route 70 in Marlton.

You can also dine in or have your food delivered.

They have a 2nd restaurant in Wildwood, voted "Best Pie on the NJ Boardwalk."

The menu sounds delicious!

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