Okay, Jersey takes our donut shops very seriously and we get pretty attached to our local donut shop of choice.

Personally, I like Uncle Dood's; they're literally in the same parking lot as the radio station and the smells that float out of there are heavenly.

Other people are OB-CO fans, and others yet may be Colonial Bakery Fans, Ferrara fans in Ship Bottom or you may love the Waretown Bakery.

One thing we can all agree on is that Jersey loves its donut shops, so when it looks like one is closed for good, it's a sad day for donut lovers everywhere.

The Chubby Unicorn In Bayville, NJ Is Closed

At first, my wife and I thought it was just for the off-season and that they'd be re-opening soon.

chubby unicorn nj, chubby unicorn closed
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After all, at one point in time, the Chubby Unicorn was voted as one of the best local donut shops near the Jersey Shore, more on that here. 

But, after driving by the other day and seeing in the windows that a sign was up advertising a new business was opening up there soon, it confirmed my concern that the Chubby Unicorn in Bayville is no more.

What's Replacing The Chubby Unicorn In Bayville, NJ?

From what I can tell based on the sign hanging in the window of the former bakery and donut shop, Bayville's getting a new restaurant!

chubby unicorn closing, El Gordo Coqui, what happened to the chubby unicorn donut shop
Photo Credit: Buehler

Empenadas, rotisserie chicken and more are coming to Route 9 when El Gordo Coqui opens its doors.

No word on an opening date, and if you have any more info please let me know because this place sounds like it'll be pretty good!

And if you're looking for your new donut fix, try one of these amazing places.

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