The 39th Annual WOBM Christmas Classic presented by Jersey Mike’s will feature 48 games over five days at the RWJBarnabas Health Arena (Toms River North) using both the main arena and the North gym across the hall.  While the dates and times have been set the matchups will not be determined until after the 32 coaches take part in the seeding meeting on Sunday, December 17 at The Office Lounge in Toms River.

There will be a slight change in the format in the second year of a revision in which the 16 teams in each division (boys and girls) are broken up into two, 8-team brackets.  This year those divisions will be split based on seeding.


Jim Ruhnke Bracket         Seeds 1-8

Steve Gepp Bracket         Seeds 9-16


Ray Cervino Bracket        Seeds 1-8

Kathy Snyder Bracket      Seeds 9-16

Another change designed to seek competitive balance can be seen on the schedule (below) as first round matchups will find the #1 playing the #5, the #2 playing #6, etc.  While different it should result in greater challenges for the top seeds and give the lower seeds a better chance to find success in the tournament.

The schedule will be filled in with all the first-round matchups on Monday, December 18.

39th Annual WOBM Christmas Classic Schedule

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 26 (Quarterfinals)

 Ray Cervino Bracket  (RWJArena)                       Kathy Snyder Bracket (TRN)

10:00    #4        vs         #8        Loser A                     #12       vs            #16       Loser E

11:30    #2        vs         #6        Loser B                     #10       vs         #14            Loser F

1:00      #3        vs         #7        Loser C                     #11       vs         #15            Loser G

2:30      #1        vs         #5        Loser D                      #9        vs            #13       Loser H


Jim Ruhnke Bracket (RWJArena)                         Steve Gepp Bracket (TRN)

4:00      #4        vs         #8        Loser I                      #12       vs         #16            Loser M

5:30      #2        vs         #6        Loser J                      #10       vs         #14            Loser N

7:00      #3        vs         #7        Loser K                       #11       vs            #15       Loser O

8:30      #1        vs         #5        Loser L                         #9        vs         #13         Loser P

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27 (Consolations)

 Gepp Bracket (RWJ)                                                  Ruhnke Bracket (TRN)

3:00      M         vs         N                                             I          vs         J

4:30      O         vs         P                                              K        vs         L

Snyder Bracket (RWJ)                                                Cervino Bracket (TRN)

12:00    E          vs         F                                              A         vs         B

1:30      G         vs         H                                             C          vs         D


10:00    (B) Gepp          12/16 Winner    vs         10/14 Winner

11:30    (B) Gepp          11/15Winner     vs         9/13 Winner

1:00      (B) Ruhnke       4/8 Winner       vs         2/6 Winner

2:30      (B) Ruhnke       3/7 Winner       vs         1/5 Winner

4:00      (G) Snyder        12/16Winner     vs         10/14 Winner

5:30      (G) Snyder        11/15 Winner    vs         9/13 Winner

7:00      (G) Cervino      4/8 Winner       vs         2/6 Winner

8:30      (G) Cervino      3/7 Winner       vs         1/5 Winner

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29 (Consolations)

RWJArena                                                                  TRN

12:00    Snyder Winners (E-F/G-H)                             Snyder Losers (E-F/G-H))

2:00      Cervino Winners (A-B/C-D))                           Cervino Losers (A-B/C-D)

4:00      Gepp Winners (M-N/O-P)                               Gepp Losers (M-N/O-P)

6:00      Ruhnke Winners (I-J/K-L)                               Ruhnke Losers (I-J/K-L)


RWJArena                                                               TRN

12:00-   Girls Final (Snyder)                                     11:00 Girls Semifinal Losers-Snyder

2:00-    Girls Final (Cervino)                                     12:30-Girls Semifinal Losers-Cervino

4:00-    Boys Final (Gepp)                                         2:00- Boys Semifinal Losers-Gepp

6:00-    Boys Final (Ruhnke)        ��   ��                  3:30-Boys Semifinal Losers-Ruhnke



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