It's always exciting when movies and TV shows feature scenes from New Jersey. Apparently, crews for the popular TV series "American Horror Stories" were spotted recently at Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook, NJ, for the filming of its upcoming season.

"American Horror Stories" is the spinoff series of "American Horror Story" that features quick horror stories within one episode, sometimes two, as opposed to one story throughout an entire season (hence the difference between story and stories).

A handful of spectators were lucky enough to watch the magic unfold, with a great shot of the action captured and posted on the Sandy Hook New Jersey Facebook page. And needless to say, those who caught wind of the news were very excited.

Before we dive into the details of what we know so far regarding the upcoming season, let's first take a peek at some of the best movies that were shot right here in The Garden State.

The best movies filmed in Jersey

New Jersey has been luring more filming here recently. So I came up with my choices for the best projects. Here they are.

Entrance to Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook
Entrance to Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook (Bud McCormick)

Those are all great movies filmed in New Jersey, now what about AHS?

There has been some talk since 2022 that the spinoff series, "American Horror Stories" was being canceled. However, that seems to have been debunked since filming for the upcoming season has supposedly been moving forward.

This, of course, now appears to include scenes at Fort Hancock, located on Sandy Hook in Middletown, NJ, near the Jersey Shore towns of Highlands and Sea Bright.

With that said, however, new information around the spinoff series has so far been mum, including any news of a release date. Most of the information we're learning is coming from those who were present on Sandy Hook the day filming took place.

Sandy Hook, NJ
Google Maps

One of the authors of the Sandy Hook New Jersey Facebook page said they spoke with crew members directly and stated that they were indeed filming for Season 3.

But we must note that no official statement from FX or Hulu has been released publicly yet regarding the upcoming season of American Horror Stories, so we can only speculate for now. Still, how wild would it be for Fort Hancock on Sandy Hook, NJ, to be featured as one of the film locations on the series?

We'll be checking back regarding future updates, including any release dates and trailers for season 3. And be sure to check out the Sandy Hook New Jersey Facebook page to see the first-hand announcement and comments of those who were present on Sandy Hook the day filming took place.


Hey! What about us?

Oh yeah, the Sopranos weren't far from Sandy Hook, NJ, either (Well... sort of).

Although the series took place in New Jersey and is by far one of the best TV shows ever made, it didn't actually take place in Highlands, NJ. However, that all changed during the Super Bowl of 2023.

Although not on Sandy Hook, The Sopranos franchise did revive some very famous characters for a commercial that aired during the 2023 Super Bowl. Right behind Bahr's Landing is Sandy Hook, NJ, so it's about as close as we're going to get.

Check out the commercial below and relive that magical moment that made everyone in New Jersey jump up with excitement.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Mike Brant. Any opinions expressed are his own.

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