👮‍♂️ Police chief got pushed onto car hood at crash scene

👮‍♂️ Sergeant said the chief was drunk and interfering

👮‍♂️ Chief has been placed on administrative leave

BRADLEY BEACH — The police chief of a Jersey Shore town is on paid leave after he showed up at a crash drunk and got physical with a sergeant, according to a published report.

The tense situation unfolded in Bradley Beach on the night of Nov. 9, 2023. It was recorded on police body cameras and TAPinto first published the footage.

Bradley Beach police responded to a DUI crash on Main Street near Brinley Avenue. A driver had hit two parked vehicles, according to a police report obtained by TAPinto.

Sgt. William Major and other local police officers were tending to the driver when Chief Leonard Guida showed up around 10:30 p.m. in plain clothes.

Bradley Beach police Chief Leonard Guida (YouTube/TAPinto Asbury Park)
Bradley Beach police Chief Leonard Guida (YouTube/TAPinto Asbury Park)

Within a few minutes, Major was suspended.

But in the weeks that followed, Major was allowed to return to work and Guida was placed on paid administrative leave.

The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office investigated the chief's behavior, according to spokesman Mark Spivey. He said the findings of the administrative investigation, which was done in line with state guidelines, were forwarded over to Bradley Beach for review.

"We fully expect that the actions we have taken, and the additional actions pending in Bradley Beach, will collectively remedy this issue," said Spivey.

(YouTube/TAPinto Asbury Park)
(YouTube/TAPinto Asbury Park)

Off-duty police chief and sergeant get heated

When Chief Guida arrived at the scene, he immediately scolded Major. The lettering on the sergeant's jacket had washed off.

Major tried several times to get back to the crash scene as the chief, stumbling on his words, tried to speak with him.

"Chief, I'm working. I don't have time to argue with you about a jacket," said Major just before Guida grabbed his arm.

Major then pushed Guida onto the hood of a police vehicle. The two had to be separated by other police officers.

(YouTube/TAPinto Asbury Park)
(YouTube/TAPinto Asbury Park)

"Drunk again," Major said.

"Now we got a real f**cking problem, Billy," said Guida. The chief repeatedly said the sergeant was "relieved," and then said he was suspended. "That's an order."

Chief placed on administrative leave

Major was later allowed to resume his full job responsibilities, TAPinto reported.

After the Monmouth County Prosecutor Office's investigation, Guida was placed on paid administrative leave. His position as chief pays a salary of $202,500, according to state pension records.

Captain James Arnold has been leading the Bradley Beach police since December, according to the report.

Video of the confrontation is below (Warning: includes profanity).

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