Vacation season is upon us, and not many places get as excited for that then those right here in The Great Garden State. And let's be honest, what's not to love about a well-deserved vacation?

Especially for those who stay at the Jersey Shore. Between Memorial Day through Labor Day, places are often sold out for weeks at a time.

Whether it's a hotel, motel, inn, or shore rental, you're sure to find exactly what works for you. But if you do decide to vacation, there is one potential issue you should be aware of.

Yes, vacations are a big one, but they can go beyond that. A business trip or visit to see family are other examples where this can possibly happen.

Hotel Lobby

It all begins when you go to check-in. If you're at a place with a lobby where others tend to be, then this is where the warning comes in.

If at any point a staff member at the hotel, inn, or motel says your room number out loud, you should immediately demand another room. But why? What's the big deal?

The short answer is this. There's a possibility that someone who's up to no good over hood your room number being said out loud.

Especially if it's a hotel, inn, or motel that tends to have a busy lobby area. Saying the room number out loud is a security risk for this main reason.

Hotel / keyless lock / card entry / door

If someone like that decided they wanted to know where you were staying, that verbal announcement just gave them what they needed. From there, they wouldn't need to follow you along.

If there's anything they wanted, knowing the room number just made it that much easier to keep tabs on you. And when it comes to creepy people like that, the reasons can be numerous.

It might sound ridiculous, but you really can't trust anyone who might be in earshot. If they hear your room number (or anything personal for that matter) said out loud, quietly have them get you another room.

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