You're going about your daily routine, driving to work, headed to the market when you notice a dog on the ice in the middle of your local lake.

This past winter, New Jersey State Trooper Michael Betz was on his way to work at the Lake Hopatcong NJSP substation when he noticed a dog stranded on the lake.

The lake was still partially frozen and the dog had managed to get himself stuck. Trooper Betz did his best to talk the dog into coming ashore, but it wasn't working. The dog was clearly scared and when he started to move, he fell through.

The good news is the dog was able to swim to a rock formation, but that was it, he wasn't moving. Trooper Betz went into action, he got on his dry suit borrowed a paddleboard on the lake shore, and went to rescue the animal.

Georgy the dog was safe in the hands of the State Trooper and reunited with his owners that day.

Goes to show you that our state police officers will go above and beyond to protect and serve - not just people, but our canine friends and family members as well.

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