PHILLIPSBURG — A music shop that has been operating in the same Warren County spot since the early 1980s will close for good before 2024.

On its website and on social media, Dave Phillips Music & Sound announced "the end of an era" for the shop on Irwin St.

The last day of operation will be Dec. 30, according to the post.

"This was an excruciating decision to have to make, but was only done so after exploring every possible alternative," owner Joe DiMarco said on Tuesday. "Unfortunately, I can't see a different way forward at this time."

"I'm happy that I was able to keep the tradition alive for another 3 years," DiMarco said online. "I want to thank you, our customers, for your gracious support and the best staff in the business for their dedication."

The Facebook post earned hundreds of comments from followers.

"This is heartbreaking to hear," Rob Pearson commented. "Dave Phillips has been a staple in my family for decades."

"Very sad news. Words are shallow but thank you for being a big part of the musical community," said Jonathan Sampson.

Dave Phillips Music & Sound in Phillipsburg (Google Maps)
Dave Phillips Music & Sound in Phillipsburg (Google Maps)

"Deep discounts" will be offered at the instrument shop through closing, according to DiMarco's post.

Anyone with an unused gift card or other unresolved matter who can't make it in before the store closes can contact the owner at

According to the store's website, Dave Phillips first opened his own music and sound shop in 1977 because there was a glaring need for such a shop in the area.

The operation moved to its current site in 1983.

"Since opening, the shop has grown to offer band and orchestra along with music education to provide a complete music shop experience that is for everyone," the website says.

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