Need a little break from the desolate hellscape that is human existence? Rising interest rates got you down? Feeling a mild panic attack just thinking about the upcoming election season?

You need a reprieve. You need to ring the Fish Doorbell.

What the Heck is the 'Fish Doorbell?'

The problem began Urecht, Netherlands, a city where thousands of spawning fish could not swim to their final destination due to a boat lock. Thanks to a clever group of ecologists, the solution was to tap into the collective power of the internet and create a way for the fish to pass through the lock. Viewers log onto the Fish Doorbell site and watch a live stream, gleefully awaiting their chance to spot a fish needing passage and press the doorbell to open the lock.

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How Does the Fish Doorbell Work?

Users log on to the Fish Doorbell site to view the live stream from an underwater camera at the Weerdsluis lock. When fish are spotted, users press a red button on the site (aptly named the Fish Doorbell). If enough fish are spotted, the lock will be opened for the fish.

Seriously-- is 'Fish Doorbell' a Thing?

The Fish Doorbell is a massive success. The site places a cap on the number of users who can actually view the stream and ring the doorbell; it's not unusual for the 950-person cap to be exceeded by hundreds or more.

Does the 'Fish Doorbell' Help the Fish?

Fish must cross the Weerdslius lock quickly, as waiting too long exposes them to natural predators. Once the fish are granted passage, they can continue their migration and find mates.

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