Ronald Gladden's DMs have been blowing up ever since he appeared on Jury Duty.

At the 2023 Emmy Awards, Gladden shared that since appearing on the show, his DMs have been overflowing with some interesting requests.

"You know, the DMs are anything and everything from business offers to propositions, you name it," he told People, noting that since Jury Duty he has been doing some "commercials [and] promotional work," as well as scored "a deal with Amazon."

Gladden also gushed about his excitement being at the Emmys.

"I would just say the award shows in general, like, I never would have bet in a million years I'd be here. So just being surrounded by the caliber of people that are here [and] the Golden Globes as well... It's just been insane," he shared.

In 2023, Gladden won viewers' hearts as the breakout star of Freevee's quirky, quasi-reality show, which saw Gladden sit on a fake jury for a fake trial.

After the show aired, Gladden spilled that many viewers, including celebrities, started sliding into his DMs.

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"Without naming any names, yes," Gladden told Entertainment Tonight about his celebrity fans, adding at the time that he couldn't "keep up" with all the viewers who have reached out to him via social media.

"I'm sure there's so many people reaching out to me, and first of all, I'd like to say I'm sorry because I can't get back to you all. But like, there's thousands and thousands of messages," he added.

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