Since we're so close to Philadelphia, it's safe to say that most Ocean County folks can appreciate a good cheesesteak.  If you haven't had one in a while, today you've got a good reason to indulge.  It's National Cheesesteak Day!

Though the main ingredients are beef and cheese, some of the options that people debate about are whether or not to add fried onions or Cheese Whiz.  If you want to order like a local, it's best to say something like "Prov wit," which means you want Provolone cheese on your sandwich and you want it with ("wit") fried onions.   That's my favorite way to enjoy a cheesesteak.  You might prefer "Whiz witout" which means you want Cheese Wiz on top but without the onions.

Some places chop up their ribeye, others serve thin slices of beef.  However you eat yours, Happy Cheesesteak Day!  Now tell us in the Comments section where in Ocean County you like to go for cheesesteaks.  Or where's your favorite spot in Philly?  Here's a link to some places you might check out on your next trip to the City of Brotherly Love.


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