Send out a shout-out to your favorite salon and let them know you appreciate all the work they do for you...making you look your best !

Everyone has their favorite salon that they rely on to help with all your grooming needs. For many maybe you have been a customer for years at that establishment....and many have a personal stylist that you "must" have when going in. Our own Nancy Reamy said her hairdresser is almost like a "therapist" that she knows her life and alot of whats goin on with Nancy, do you have someone like this ? Well here's your chance to say thanks! Write a short note to let us know your fav salon and/or stylist or give us a call on the Ocean County Breakfast Show @ 732-237-9626

HAPPY  Beautician's Day !

ps - April is one of these fine folks and she has done a "Fantastic" job working with what little I have on top!  lol    :^)