What's the deal with this viral game we've all been playing, Ocean County?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen people posting about (or you've been playing) the game Wordle.  It's a fun little puzzle game where players have 6 tries to correctly guess a word.

My friends and I play Wordle daily, and we've gotten into the fun habit of sharing our scores with one another.  But lately, we've noticed that the game has gotten slightly more difficult.  Have you?

Some players were claiming that there were two right answers on a specific day.  What? More on that later...

What's going on with Wordle?

Of course, I searched the internet for an answer and found some interesting results.  Many people (myself included) thought that the New York Times' purchase of the game made it harder.  But, many sources, such as The Verge are saying that's not true.  Basically, they looked at the list of answers before and after the New York Times' purchase and found that the answers weren't changed to be harder.  The only difference between the 2 lists was that some solutions were removed.  Interesting.

Were there 2 different answers to Wordle on 2/15?

In short, yes there were - but it wasn't intentional.  A Twitter User named Michael Slezak got an explanation from The New York Times, who said this happened because they're getting rid of some words on the list.  Some users were playing with the old list, and some were playing on the updated one.  To fix this, just refresh your browser.

Well, there you have it.  Nothing is "wrong" with Wordle.  Now, we can all get back to obsessing over the daily puzzle in peace.

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