I've always liked teddy bears. Those soft, cuddly reminders of childhood have always had a place in my heart. But those of us who remember Teddy Ruxpin know that teddy bears aren't always necessarily cute and cuddly.

Teddy Ruxpin had that slowly opening and closing mouth, the suspicious eyes that would blink seemingly at random, and watch out if the tape got stuck - a demonic sounding voice would suddenly emit from your stuffed story teller.

Now, a new company is trying to one-up Teddy Ruxpin with "Supertoy Teddy". The creators describe the chatty critter as, "a talking teddy bear with a mind of its own and the ability to hold real conversations with those who speak to it: Kids from 8 to 80."

They basically took the speech recognition technology of Siri and stuffed it into a teddy bear.

Which I think is a really cool idea. Kind of like Teddy from Stephen Speilberg's A.I.

But there are always going to be growing pains. The first generation is going to be a little clunky, need some tweaks and improvements, etc.

So, take a look at the video for Supertoy Teddy and let us know what you think...creepy, or cute?