I "LOVE" this idea! 

According to the Burlington County Times, Burlington County ShopRites have a FREE fruit program for kids at their local stores. Children shopping with their parents or guardians get a FREE banana, clementine, or a seasonal fruit.  This is such an awesome way to be apart of the community ShopRite. I love this for the pure love of fruit, it's FREE, and maybe a child will taste a certain fruit for the first time and love it! If my child is given a FREE banana, I know she'll eat it.  It's a WIN WIN for kids, parents, and ShopRite.

Viktor Fischer - ThinkStock
Viktor Fischer - ThinkStock

The ShopRite Free Fruit For Kids Program is now offered in 125 locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland.

Do our Ocean County ShopRites have this? Can we get it?


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