Who doesn't enjoy the suspense of getting some New Jersey Lottery tickets and furiously scratching to see if you're a winner?

But is modern technology taking the fun out of it?

In addition to having the latest winning numbers, the NJ Lottery's mobile app also has a feature that lets you scan your ticket's barcode from the comfort of your couch.

It's great for big games like Mega Millions and Powerball.

Rather than trying to figure out if your one or two matching numbers are actually worth anything, you can just scan the barcode on the bottom of the ticket to find out instantly if a trip to your nearest lotto counter is in order.

If you're lucky, you'll get this message:

New Jersey Lottery App

But, if like me luck is about as unfamiliar to you as a foreign language, you'll see this:

New Jersey Lottery App

But, in addition to being a quick way to go through those number game tickets, the barcode scanner on the app will also tell you if your scratch-off ticket is a winner or not.

Every scratch-off ticket has a hidden bar code on the bottom, like the one in this photo:

NJ Lottery scratch-off ticket with the barcode showing (Photo by Justin Louis)

So, rather than making a mess and ending up with scratch-off stuff everywhere (what is that stuff, anyway?), you can just reveal the barcode, scan it, and then decide whether that ticket is worth fully scratching or not.

Convenient? Yes.

But is it taking the fun out of scratch-off tickets?

Is it cheating?

What do you think? Comment below or on our Facebook page and weigh in!


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