The speech I was recently given by a former boss blew my mind.

So here is the background.

My boss, who I recently ran into, caught up with me a bit and she had some shocking views about customers paying for things they don't like.

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But that wasn't all.

You see, when I used to work for her, it was a privately-owned family restaurant.

One of the rules that was in place when I was a server was that if I made a mistake, I had to pay for it out of pocket. I am talking if I accidentally rang in an incorrect drink, appetizer, meal or dessert.

"You make a mistake and you expect us to pay for it?"

That is like me having to pay a fee to 94.3 The Point every time I don't do a break perfectly. It would be insane!

But here was the hypocritical part.

The servers and bartenders would have to pay for a mistake because it was plugged into the system but if the cooks made a mistake, it was no harm no foul.

And honestly, this boss is not the first person I have ever heard say this statement.

Just like you and I, servers, bartenders, food runners, hostesses, cooks, food preps and even managers are human which means that mistakes are inevitable.

If 99% percent of the moves your employee makes are correct, don't punish them for that 1%.

How on earth are you going to expect a server who is just trying to get by to have to cough up some serious cash for not being perfect?

Not to mention, if they are working at a high-class restaurant, that mistake could be upwards of $50.00 which is a huge chunk taken out of the total tips at the end of the night.

I don't know anyone who is you?

From a majority of the servers and bartenders I have met, they are working in the restaurant industry to pay the bills while they work towards a bigger goal.

For example, serving while in school or working part time in a very competitive field like the entertainment industry.

This means that they don't have an excessive amount of cash.

You want to nickel and dime people working for you and serving your customers?

I think that's wrong.

Okay rant over.

And remember to tip --- CDC says 20%! If you don't have the money to tip, you don't have the money to go out.

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